Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wonderful New Game tried out with 4 players...."7 Ages"!

Yesterday we had a 4-player learning game of "7 Ages." and there was some confusion with the rules but we got them worked out, mainly, and all agreed to play again.  EB's Aztecs built the Great Library and went wild alone in the Americas, so he won easily, helped by the fact that EB did not ever use "wild card" actions!  WF's Phoenicians and Normans did pretty well too and capitalized on the fact that he was earlier in the player order, so won the naval bonuses. WF also launched the Siamese into a colonial province of my Khmers, but the Khmers fended them off, just barely. The Khmer capital was devastated by the ensuing riots.  This was the only combat of the day, but we got that worked out also.  CW's Seljuks in Asia did well and he also had the Koreans in Asia and the Venetians in Europe. My Khmers colonized China, weirdly enough, and the Sinhalese were dominant in India.  My Swedes did not really get going in time because we quit at 1:30 p.m., having learned the basic mechanics of the game.

I seem to be missing a lot of game pieces, I don't know if it's the counter mix errata or what, but I have to go through and make allowances somehow before the next game!

I intend to run it for my library game choice, probably in May, after my choice on February 20th, which is 1830.

All in all, a good new game for our repertoire!

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